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Getting a Mortgage as an IT Contractor

You may thing that you need at least 1-2 years worth of self employed figures. Or even have been told that you need a minimum of 3 years. But this isn’t the case at all. Sure many lenders will require this. But also, there are a lot of lenders who will assess you in a completely different way. If you receive a daily rate of pay, work on fixed term contracts and/or have two years experience in an IT based role, whatever this may be. You could benefit from using a Mortgage Lender who has set Criteria for IT Contractors.


Benefits of obtaining your Mortgage via a Mortgage Broker who specialises in IT Contractors?

You will be able to borrow more.

Instead of treating your income as Self-Employed. They will multiply your day rate by 5, then times this by 46 or 48 weeks. This then gives the lender your annual assessable income. If Lenders treat your income as the latter, you will be able to borrow significantly more than the Lenders who deem your employment as self employed.

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