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Here at 3 Mortgage Brokers, we’re here to champion better Mortgage advice by putting you in touch with the right Mortgage Broker for your circumstances.

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We know what works and what doesn’t

In order to calculate the best mortgage deal to suit your needs it is essential that you know your borrowing potential before you begin looking at properties or consider a mortgage.

In the past mortgages were calculated at 3.5 x the main income plus 1, these days lenders use a more sophisticated method. Lenders look at affordability, credit score, equity, size of deposit and much more to determine how much you can borrow. We have access to lenders who will provide mortgages up to 5 X joint income.

With so many mortgage lenders offering a wide range of mortgage deals how do you know which one is going to be best for you. Selecting the wrong mortgage rate can be very expensive. Professional mortgage advice can save you thousands of pounds over a twenty five year period so why not contact us today and receive free, impartial mortgage advice.

Specialist Mortgage Advice areas

The Mortgage Brokers we work with each specialise in at least one of the below different Mortgage Advice Areas 

Bad Credit

There are various levels of severity when it comes to Bad Credit. But there are plenty of Lenders Specialist in this area.


Often a confusing are for Borrowers. But there are options for those with 1 Years Accounts and those using latest years figures.


Including those in Construction & IT. Plenty of Lenders will allow you to use your day rate or payslips to maximise borrowing.

Right to Buy

Don't assume you won't be able to buy your Council Property. There are options for those with no deposit, low income and Bad Credit. 

Help to Buy/Shared Ownership

There are a number of successful Government Schemes designed to help borrowers purchase their dream home.

Expat/Foreign Currency Income

There may be options with mainstream Lenders as well as specialist. Complex income requires an Expert Broker.

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