Buying an Investment Property

The majority of the Buy to Let market is made up of Homeowners with one other rental property. Check out our Buying an Investment Property Article for more.

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Buying an Investment Property


Investing in property can be one of the safest and sensible ways to invest your money. Many people opt for investing in property rather the risky investments such as the stock market as the property will always be worth money. The price of a property can fluctuate depending on the housing market and the economy but if the prices drop no doubt they will rise back up. Investing in property is meant to be a long term investment so do not panic if the prices fall, keep hold of the property for as long as financially viable as you may see the prices shoot through the roof.

Most people will not have the cash available to buy a second property that is why buy to let mortgages are a great idea. They allow you to have a mortgage on a property with the sole intention of renting it out. In some cases you will even be able to rent the property out for more then the cost of your mortgage so you will actually be making a profit.

There are many more things to look for in a rental property then in a home you would live in yourself. As it will be more about the financial side then the actual property itself you will have to detach yourself from the property. In most cases home owners who buy properties to let will not like the property that they are investing in. When looking for a buy to let property you will need to decide what market you are trying to attract. The property that you might look to let to students will be different from a property for professionals. One thing you must consider before buying an investment property is the deposit that you will have to find. It may seem like an ideal pension but you will still need to raise some cash.

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